About Us

ANU Nation is a spiritual and social order founded by Chief H. Yuya Assaan-ANU.  ANU Nation espouses the calculations of free thinking, perpetual spirit elevation, collective cultivation of dormant and manifested truth, and progressive adaptive cultural norms.Through the decoding and exploration of sound, symbol, ancient and contemporary text, celestial channelling, and ANU.Logovarious other tools used to invoke a state of highest awareness we are able to abandon the constrictions of dead thought travel to higher states of awareness; our rightful designation.

As the custodians of and shrine holders for the original inhabitants of the planet we know our sacred charge to go through the darkness of what we don’t/need to know in order to resurrect to the light of our divine selves.

The ANU spiritual order is not a religion or prearranged set of instructions and steps for a person to go through in order to become “enlightened”.

The spiritual approach of the order pulls from various traditions and makes no attempts to hold one above the other or to local anyone to one particular tradition.